Composers Desktop Project: Tutorial Workshop 1
For New CDP Users

This Workshop is designed for users who are new to CDP. It shows how to use over 150 functions, with specific examples that fully document what to do.

The download has .doc files for the 9 Worksheets along with their associated files and Play Lists. Complete sounds for all the examples, which can be auditioned in sequence for comparative listening are also included. To take advantage of this, burn the Workshop to CD as a data CD. Upon loading it, your audio player should automatically begin to play through the entire list of sound examples. If you follow along with the Play Lists, you can hear what each example sounds like. The text for each example describes how each sound is made, with reference both to Soundshaper and Sound Loom. This Workshop provides an excellent way to get acquainted with a major part of the CDP software.

The link below to the information page in .pdf format provides a specific example of how the material is presented, along with a list of all that is contained on the CD.

Tutorial Workshop 1 Information PDF
(Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Download Tutorial Workshop 1 (234.4Mb)

Composers Desktop Project: Tutorial Workshop 2
For intermediate to advanced users

This Download contains two Workshops:

The first is How to Compose with the CDP Texture Programs. The CDP Texture Set contains incredibly powerful ways to shape multi-event textures, with time-varying pitch, density, amplitude and duration parameters as starters. Events can be snapped to harmonic grids, motifs can be defined in both pitch and rhythm, and lines can be layered contrapuntally. The Workshop begins with a comprehensive survey about setting up a working environment for these programs, and how to enter the data that is used to shape the textures.

The core of the Workshop consists in 21 worked examples, with soundfiles and a Play List for comparative listening. There are also useful charts, Presets and Patches for quickly loading the parameters for each example, which can then be tweaked to explore other possibilities. The Information Page link below goes into much more detail regarding its contents.

The Second Workshop in this Download is about Transposition, Shifting and Combinations and covers all the main programs in the CDP software that deal with these functions, most of which are in the Spectral Domain (analysis & resynthesis). The 'Combinations' referred to are interactions of pitch traces (outlines of significant pitch movement in a sound), a powerful but difficult part of the CDP software.

The Information page below also goes into more detail about this Workshop. All soundfiles are included on the download.

Tutorial Workshop 2 Information PDF
(Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Download Tutorial Workshop 2 (192.4Mb)

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