Composers Desktop Project Release 7.1
CDP System Free Download Page
For Microsoft Windows™ & MAC OS X™

The CDP-Wishart Libraries: Unusual functions designed by Trevor Wishart
with which you can create original sounds, textures and effects

~ Surgical Work Inside Sounds Produces Innovative Effects ~


Some Composition Goals ⇔ Relevant CDP Processes
Add some serious grit
CDP: 23 ways to reshape sounds using wavecycle distortion
Harmony definition and change
CDP: Time-varying filter banks; snap to (changing) harmonic grids in multi-event textures
Seamless mixing of sonic features
CDP: Numerous ways to combine/reconstruct selected components of sounds
Texture & shuffle the insides of sounds
CDP: Especially strong on segmentation and internal reordering
Gradual change
CDP: Almost every parameter can be made musically supple via user-specified time value 'breakpoint' files
Transitions between sounds
CDP: Morph, Bridge, Gliss, Crossovers
Roughen surface texture
CDP: Granular manipulations with Brassage and 15 grain-handling functions
Introduce speech-like qualities
CDP: Impose vowel-like formant shapes onto sounds
Textures shaped with pitch, density & rhythm
CDP: Multi-event texture creation with 25 parameters, most of which are time-varying. Facilities include upper and lower pitch-shape contours, density controls, defined rhythmic and melodic motifs, harmonic fields and contrapuntal layers.
Build sounds through mixing
CDP: Mix up to 50 sounds in one track; programs which create multi-event outputs are in effect semi-algorithmic mixers.
Work with multi-channel soundfiles
CDP: 14 programs with which to compose spatially

Technical Requirements
A number of technical details (see System Requirements) will help to orient the prospective user. Note that the CDP software will run under Windows 10, both 32-bit and 64-bit editions. CDP on the MAC works well up to High Sierra (10.3). There will be a 64-bit compilation for OS versions after Mojave. Check the installations pages for information about handling a 'Gatekeeper' issue relating to Soundloom.

Privacy Policy
CDP holds only a minimal amount of information about owners of CDP software, to assist with user support. It is exclusively for internal CDP use and is never shared with 3rd parties. The Privacy Policy has been revised in 2018 in line with new government regulations, and the full text is available.

Page last updated: 6 May 2022