MIDI Data Entry

Entering Pitch or Frequency (or Timing) Data
from a MIDI keyboard.

Trevor Wishart (July 2007)



Sound Loom version 10 allows you to enter MIDI data directly from a MIDI keyboard if

If this is the case, on launching the Sound Loom, it will interrogate your system to discover what MIDI input devices are available. It will then ask you for information.

This information will then be used to set up the MIDI entry link, and you will not be interrogated again.

You can change this information at any time from the System State menu (Midi Input Device: Set or Change) on the Workspace.

Where would it be useful to enter MIDI data from a MIDI keyboard ?

How do I enter MIDI data from a MIDI keyboard ?

MIDI data entry is accessed from the black and white Piano-style Buttons displayed at appropriate places in the Sound Loom.

NB: If you do NOT have Tabula Vigilans in the _cdprogs directory, these buttons will NOT appear.

MIDI data is entered by

The entered MIDI data will then appear as text in whatever context is has been asked for.

NB: Once you have hit the piano-style key, the Sound Loom waits until you press the designated MIDI keyboard key to signal the end of your MIDI data transmission.
If you do not press this key, the Sound Loom will remain locked.

Where will I find the MIDI data entry keys ?

Black and white Piano-style buttons for MIDI data entry can be found

MIDI data keys are also associated with the Text Creation Window for Special Data formats (see below)

How do I enter MIDI data for special data format files ?

On the Parameters Page, find the parameter bar associated with the special data file (always the top one) and press the Make File button.
This will take you to the Text Creation Window where you will find the Piano-style button at the top.

In these cases, the MIDI data you enter is extracted and converted automatically to the correct text format.

The main processes involved are

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