Table Editor

There are 5 display areas on the Table Editor

List of, which
contain tables
selected file
selected from
the Input Table
made from
input column
which uses
the new column

Typical usage

  1. Click on filename in (1).... contents of file will display in (2).
    If no files are are listed in (1), see Creating Columns from Scratch below.

  2. Use the Get Column boxes to specify a column to grab from (2). Column will be displayed in (3)

  3. Use one of the many processes, found on the menus above the panels, to modify the column in (3).
    The resulting new column will appear in (4).

  4. Decide what to do with the new column.

  5. To keep the new table shown in (5), in a file, give it a filename.

Creating Columns from Scratch

You can also create a column directly.
To do this, use one of the options on the Create menus above the panels.
The newly created column will be displayed in (3).

Extracting Columns

Some files contain several columns. You may want to extract them so that each is in a separate file. Here is a procedure to accomplish this task.

  1. The file with several columns should be located on the Workspace.
  2. Click on the Table Editor button to enter the Table Editor. You should see your file listed in (1), FILES. When you click on it to select it, it will be displayed in (2), INPUT TABLE.
  3. Under Get Column? enter the number of the column you would like to extract, e.g., 1, 2 or 3. When you click on OK, that column will be displayed in (3), INPUT.
  4. Now click on Copy to OUT, and the column will be displayed again in the OUTPUT Column (4). Then, under Keep Output Column?, click on Keep by itself, then on OK. We immediately see this column displayed in (5), OUTPUT TABLE.
  5. The final step is to give the output file a name at Enter Name under Save Table? and click on All. The newly made table is saved to the Workspace, and also appears in 1.
  6. You can go back to the INPUT TABLE (2) and quickly repeat the process for the other columns of your original table, saving each to a separate name.

Last updated: 23 August 2010 (AE)