Some tips on using the Sound Loom batchfile mechanism

  1. Place your batchfile on the Workspace (using Windows Explorer).
    OR use Find directory to select one from elsewhere.

  2. Click on List batchfiles and click on one with the mouse to select it from among the batchfiles listed for that directory.

  3. Click on Load file to load its contents into the batchfile mechanism. If you try to run without doing this, the message 'No batchfile data given' appears.

  4. Double-check where the source file to process is located, according to the batchfile. If no path is given, it must be on the Workspace.
    It can be elsewhere, but then the full path to it must be given, with *forward-slashes*, not back-slashes (because of the way TCL works). If it cannot find the source, you may see a message reading 'Error: cannot find channel named "0"'.

  5. You can edit and save the batchfile (no .bat extension in the name of the file when you save it). The Syntax button provides a quick reference for command line usage. Full information is in the CDP HTML Reference documentation accessed via ccdpndex.htm, for which it is useful to have a shortcut on your Desktop.

  6. Click on Run to run the batch file. Note the display of which line it is processing. Click on OK when finished.

  7. The output soundfile(s) is/are placed on the Workspace.